Getting traffic to your blog is essential when you are blogging. It would be great to have a syndication plugin that helps you to syndicate your posts and pages to different Web 2.0 sites in a way that readers gain facts about your content, and they just follow the link to visit your blog. And this kind of syndication plugin is available on the market at last. It is a brand new syndication plugin called WPSyndicator, developed by Andy Fletcher.

WpSyndicator posts an excerpt of your blog article to 14 favorite Web 2.0 sites and in addition tweet it for you to your Twitter account. Within an excerpt is a link pointing back to your blog and the curious readers can reach your blog and read the entire post. Cool, isn’t it? The traffic you get to your blog is not the only advantage you gain, there is the substantial back link you obtain as well. However, you must use an anchor text for a link.

The length of an excerpt is adjustable, as default is set to one or two paragraph, that is around 500 characters. What we are aiming for is to stimulate reader attention in a way they decide to follow the link to visit your blog.

Andy does offer lifetime updates to WPSyndicator, which makes it a reasonable investment. As a matter of fact, he has developed a couple of updates suggested by his beta testers and previous customers, and he incorporated them into features. The recent update includes the possibility to syndicate pages as well as posts, but you should pay attention not to pass the rate limit determinate by web 2.0 sites and get booted off for spamming.

Installation process of the syndication plugin is facile, and it is the same like with other WordPress plugins. You will spend about an hour to set up your accounts on different sites for the first time, afterwards the syndication process takes a minute. Andy has included instructions in the menu and some helpful videos to walk you through the necessary steps. He added also a bit.Ly connection so you can shorten your links, that is necessary when you perform micro-blogging using Twitter.

You also have the ability to syndicate your previous posts. Whenever you edit your post, there is a link “click here to syndicate”. You can manage without a problem to syndicate old or new posts just clicking a button.

Pay attention not to syndicate your posts too often since you will be taken as a spammer. According to Andy syndicating one old and one recent daily is good enough. In this way reader will gain more time to examine what you have to offer instead of overfill them with your content the very first day.