It is a disputable notion, but researches show that search engines still drive the most traffics to websites.  Furthermore, a BUYING customer uses a search engine as a starting point for researching the best deals.  As an internet entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to consciously put top ten search engine ranking in your marketing plan.

Recent surveys suggest that when customers want to find information on a product or service, they do so with one of the following:

  1. They find sites through one of the major search engines (i.e. Google).
  2. They find sites by clicking through links from websites that they frequently visit.
  3. They find sites by hearing about it from friends or reading about it in an article.

Now we have already established how important search engines are in the internet marketing world.  In extension to that, it’s even more important to acquire top ten search engine ranking on Google.

Explore your own web behavior.  If you do a search in Google, do you usually browse beyond the top ten or twenty results in Google or any search engine for that matter?  Most probably you browse the top twenty, click through the top three, and if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, try another keyword.  Repeat this process until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Therefore, despite the “SEO is dead, SMM rules” propaganda that you hear a lot nowadays, a top ten search engine ranking is still important for a fledging web business.  As long as we still use search engine to find the information that we want, top ten search engine ranking would remain a relevant marketing goal.