“Branding” is a term commonly used to describe the process of establishing an image regarding a product or service in consumer’s minds. Large companies invest a great deal in their brand image and in developing on-going branding processes. Web page “Keywords” function in similar ways in that they represent key attributes that the organization presents on the internet.

Attracting readers and potential customers to the organization’s web pages can drive up sales. By appearing highly placed on a search engine results page, the organization’s website can win new customers by presenting its products and feature attributes. Effective keywords that are central to this effort are also useful in branding the organization or in describing the quality features of the service or product. Combining keywords and branding phrases then can provide a consistent message to internet readers considering purchase of that product or service including elements of the company branding strategy with keyword selection is a process that may turn out to be fairly simple. Still, it may require some “wordsmithing” to combine the two. Brand and keyword plans designed to attract readers to the company web pages can take a great deal of time, but the effort can yield significant results in terms of readers and new customers.

Companies with a smaller internet or website environment can use a strategy of combined branding and keyword selection to increase sales and readership of the web pages by focusing on three primary areas:

Product positioning “Uniqueness” Product features
Product Positioning – Positioning a product on line requires delivering a quick message about value and how to acquire the product or service.

Terms like “Low Cost SEO” might be useful for a Search Engine Optimization firm providing services at rates lower than its competitors. Terms like SEO Consultants in Denver” describe the same service available in a particular geographic area in Colorado. These keywords and brand characteristics can be combined to not only attract internet traffic but to also deliver an expectation for some of the product or service features.

“Uniqueness” – Any unique product or service feature that would separate the company’s product from the competition is useful to incorporate into the keyword and branding strategies. This need not be terribly complicated. Using a simple keyword like “consultant” is of course ineffectual. A keyword term such as “Water Utility Consulting” describes a company that provides business or financial consulting services to a very specific type of customer.

Product Features – Combining product features or characteristics with keyword terms are useful in both building brand image and in attracting potential buyers to the company website. Terms such as “Quality French Food on a Budget” would be useful in the keyword phrase and also would be useful as part of the company’s branding strategy. This term would be valuable to a company providing French food service that isn’t as expensive as might usually be expected for such a product or service. Remember to include the geographic identifier as well!

Organizations that have already compiled and implemented a brand building strategy may have already executed half the work in developing an effective keyword strategy. The message consistency generated by combining keywords and branding can also drive significant traffic and sales to the organization via the internet.