Don’t be Shy.

Bloggers tend to like comments on their Blog as long as they are not obviously spam. Yet, most bloggers get 100’s of visits and few posts. [Except for those highly controversial ones]

If you want to create some buzz, [this might be more of a low key hum] leave posts every time you visit a blog. If you take the time to read a post, leave a comment that is meaningful or at least a “Right on” sort of thing. Also visit a variety of blogs.

If nothing else, the blog owner will visit your site if you comment.

If you have read this far, I want you to post a comment on this post. Even if it is just introducing yourself. It only takes a minute and if you are here because you are interested in buzz, but you cannot step up to a simple buzz challenge like this, we have a problem.

Let me let you in on a secret:

Most bloggers are human. Some may be CEO’s, professors or McDonald’s cashiers, but in most cases they have 10 fingers and 10 toes, just like you most likely do. Don’t think that your comment is not worthy of the blog.

Blog Comment Etiquette

Proper etiquette for blog posts should take into account the simple fact that both parties should benefit.

A) The Blogger benefits because any conversation on the blog gives it more validity and builds better relationships with readers. It also tells a blogger a little more about the type of people that are visiting and reading.

B) The Commenteer gets to express their view on a subject, gets a link back to their website or blog, and piggybacks on the popularity of the blog they are reading for a little buzz.

When leaving a comment,

  1. Say something relevant to the post.
  2. Do not blatantly promote yourself. Interesting comment will make people investigate you, and that is better than any commercial you could write.
  3. Only put links in the comment if they are highly relevant. Bloggers do not like visitors to see too many exit signs.
  4. Try to write in a voice and manner that matches the blog. If it is a political blog bashing someone, it is fine to leave similar comments if that is what you want to say. In this blog I would be a bit puzzled if you said “Blogging Sucks!”

There are more things I could say on this topic, but there are exceptions to rules based on the blog. Keep in mind that when you are posting on a blog you are a guest in the blogger’s house, but the blogger probably likes a lively debate.