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A Social Media Marketing Challenge

The other day, whilst doing a spot of random searching in Google for various keyword phrases related to our business (it was a light day in the office); I came across an interesting blog based web site from a fellow called Gunther Kries who markets himself under the guise of “Floppy Nerd”. What Gunther seems […]

Why You Must Consider Article Marketing ...

Article Marketing has been, and will always be, an internet marketing backbone. There is no successful internet marketer that doesn’t use article marketing in their arsenal. It’s a testament to how effective this method really is, from driving high quality traffic to adding high PR backlinks for your website. It is not an accident that […]

The Power of Forum Commenting

Forums have always been tricky to get into if you are a marketer. Forums are usually where people discuss issues and topics or where people look for answers to questions. Being a hub of problems and solutions, forums naturally pose a big marketing and promotional opportunity (i.e. putting YOUR solutions in front of those problems). […]

How To get your Articles Read

Why write articles if they are not going to be read.  All the wasted time and effort would’ve been put into better use elsewhere.  But article marketing has proven to be, and forever will be, a great source of targeted traffic and quality backlink, so it’s not wise to totally rule it out just because […]

Is SEO Dead?

It is a disputable notion, but researches show that search engines still drive the most traffics to websites.  Furthermore, a BUYING customer uses a search engine as a starting point for researching the best deals.  As an internet entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to consciously put top ten search engine ranking in your […]

Avoid The Hype When looking At Affiliate...

“Cutting Through the Information and Finding the Right Program for You” One of the fastest growing trends to making money on the internet is the affiliate web based business. Affiliate programs are everywhere, and if you’ve been reading your spam offers, you have probably received countless invitations to join various programs. Affiliate network internet marketing […]

Google Local SEO – A Key Success Element

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most lucrative and result providing method of online marketing. However with newer innovations and changes in the marketing dynamics, there is a better opportunity for you to market your business online with Google local SEO. In this very unique and enterprising concept you can acquire customers […]